Risks Of Treatment Abroad

Risk is one buzz word that anyone undergoing or considering medical treatment will be familiar with. It doesn’t matter which field the treatment lies in, there will be some element of risk, whether you have the treatment in the UK or abroad.  So how do you combat and/or reduce that risk if you are considering having medical or dental treatment abroad? Research is key, so you can not only make an informed choice about the direction you want your treatment to go in, but avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls that people make. Here are 6 common mistakes, along with NHS advice on how to avoid them: Continue reading “Risks”

Leeches – natural remedy!

Researches have confirmed that treatment by leeches quite often is more effective than reception of medical products. Leeches, unlike many other medicines, do not give undesirable by-effects, do not put harm to digestive and nervous systems. Leeches long since serve people: such diseases as pancreatitis, rheumatism, antritis, diabetes, prostatitis, fatigability or giddiness existed already many years ago and our ancestors coped with these illnesses without application of synthetic medicines – by means of usual leeches. Continue reading “Leeches – natural remedy!”



Acupuncture is widely used in modern medicine for rendering of toning up, calming, soothing or stimulating influence on the patient. Influence on acupunctural points can help with treatment of many diseases: the arthritis, radiculitis, asthma, eczemas, herpes, stresses, depressions, phobias, disorder of blood system, cardiovascular diseases. The most important thing is that acupuncture not only treats, but also prevent illnesses, strengthens immune system of the organism, restores exchange processes in the organism and its internal power balance. Continue reading “Acupuncture”