Garlic doesn’t reduce cholesterol

In a study completed in USA, contrary to popular belief, it was found that garlic in its natural form or garlic extract does not reduce cholesterol levels in the blood According to research by the Medical Faculty at Stanford University in California; in contradiction to what marketers have told us about this popular product, there was no substantial evidence that garlic or garlic extracts reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Dr Christopher Gardner, the director of this research, says that they completed experiments in the laboratory on crushed garlic to produce ‘allisin’, which gives garlic it’s smelly and antibacterial qualities, and saw that this prevented cholesterol from forming. However, when they completed clinical experiments on humans there was no evidence to prove that this occurred in the body The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), a medical magazine, published that Dr Gardner and his team started their research in November 2002 with 192 subjects aged between 30 and 65 with a medium cholesterol level (130 to 190 milligrams per litre).

They randomly selected 49 of the test subjects and gave them garlic in its natural form, gave 47 subjects garlic powder, gave 48 subjects dried garlic and 48 subjects had nothing. The experiment finished in 2005 where they found that where cholesterol levels are too high, garlic in any of the three forms has no substantial effect, also when cholesterol levels are low, triglyceride and total cholesterol levels were not effected

Dr Gardner concluded that in the laboratory, garlic’s active ingredient allisin shows an effect on cholesterol when acting directly on the cells however when this substance is introduced to the human body, it shows a different effect.

Stop smoking by drinking grapefruit juice

It’s declared that when you are giving up smoking, which in Turkey alone causes over 110 thousand deaths per year, if you start the day with a glass of grapefruit juice it reduces the nicotine craving and helps remove the toxins from your body. Yrd. Doc. Dr. Ruhusen Kutlu, director at Selcuk University Meram Medical Faculty, responsible for the stop smoking clinic, states that smoking causes over 110 thousand deaths in Turkey and over 4 million deaths worldwide per year, as well as causing many diseases and is the most dangerous addiction.

Many people want to stop smoking but because they think it will be too difficult to do achieve they get worried and fail to stop.

During the first few days after you have stopped smoking, the nicotine craving will start and occur frequently but will reduce in the following days and by breathing deeply you will be able to remove the nicotine craving.

Kutlu says that if you start the day by drinking a glass of grapefruit juice it will reduce the nicotine craving and remove the toxins from your body, he continues: “during the first few days it is normal to cough. Coughing removes the toxins that smoking has created in your body. People who have stopped smoking are setting an example to those around them and a minimum of 5 people around them will also stop. Just a few minutes after you stop smoking the positive changes occurring in your body are enough to understand why everyone should stop smoking.”

When you stop smoking, the body renews itself

Kutlu points out that 20 minutes after your last cigarette, your tension and pulse rate will start returning to normal caused by the positive state of mind to decision to stop smoke After this the risk of you having a heart attack starts to reduce, after a year the risk is reduced to half and after 10 years the risk is the same as a non-smoker. The toxins, which collect, especially around the lungs and other organs, start to be removed from the body.” Kutlu states that within 2 days of or shortly after you quit smoking the skin will renew itself, nicotine will be removed from the body, your sense of taste and smell will improve compared to when you were smoking. “After 2 weeks the lung capacity will increase after coughing up phlegm. Walking, running and sports become easier. Now light sports can be started for a healthy body with healthy lungs.” Kutlu says that after 9 months lung problems and coughing will reduce, “after 5 years the risk of mouth, throat and esophagus cancers are reduced by half. The risks of dying due to premature aging caused by smoking is also reduced. People who stop smoking can expect to live to an old age without diseases check lexapro dosing for more info.”

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