NATUROPATHY – the doctor, who is always near you.

Naturopathy is a branch of medicine which is engaged in natural methods of improvement of the person. A wrong way of life and thoughts lead to set of diseases. However each person has a possibility to harmonize a condition of the organism by means of natural ways of improvement, thereby for a long time to provide to itself a sound health. Following to principles and techniques of naturopathy removes old age approach.

Naturopathy is a different way of medical thinking. It considers the person as a system, in which all processes inseparably linked with each other. In naturopathy it is considered that soul and body of the person are inseparable, that is why at treatment it is necessary to pay attention both to the physical state and to the state of mind of patient. The main idea of naturopathy is that the person himself, how much it is possible, is responsible for the condition of his health, and illnesses are in a greater degree can be prevented, than recovered.

The natural medicine considers illness as display of special processes, with which body as though cures itself naturally. Naturopathy underlines importance not so much treatment of illness as restoration and self-recovery of health.


What advantages has homeopathy over traditional medicine?
The traditional medicine is irreplaceable in emergency situations when you can not manage without intervention of surgeons or resuscitation. But in struggle against chronic illnesses official methods of treatment were not realized. If till the fifties of the last century there were only 10-15% of people with chronic illnesses, today they are about 70%. The life on pills, eventually, develops drug disease. In the world it is diagnosed in 6-30% of cases. The main advantages of homeopathy – in absence of by-effects, deeper influence on organism, improvement of quality of life.

Herbal therapy

Aspiring to satisfy our requirements, we in most cases do not notice that we lose more than we get in the course of a survival and existence in the modern world.
People have noticed for a long time already that many grasses possess medical properties. Useful properties of herbs depend on the maintenance in them of substances which have curative effects.
Herbal therapy is a treatment by grasses. The closer we are to the nature, the less we are ill! To be healthy it is necessary to live in the consent with the nature and ourselves.
Herbal therapy is a real means of maintenance of health and improvement of all mankind.



Aromatherapy – the most ancient method of preventive health care and treatment of diseases, based on beneficial influence of aromatic essential oils. Aromatherapy is applied for relaxation and recreation, it favorably influences the central nervous system, tones up vessels and skin. Getting through respiratory ways to human body, aromas have curative and clearing influence. The person calms down, finds composure and rest.